About Vickar Isuzu Trucks

With nearly 50 years of truck experience, Vickar Isuzu knows trucks. Not only are we the largest GMC medium-duty truck dealer in Manitoba, Vickar Isuzu Trucks is also the only Isuzu dealer in Manitoba.

At Vickar Isuzu, we are proud to serve customers in Manitoba, as well as Western Ontario, with the best line-up of industry-leading low-cab-forward medium-duty trucks.

Isuzu has been around for a long time. In fact, Isuzu is Japan's oldest truck manufacturer, is one of the world's largest truck manufacturers and sells a wide range of trucks in over 80 countries.

North America's #1 selling low-cab-forward truck every year since 1986.

For 25 years, Isuzu low-cab-forward trucks have been North America's #1 choice. Since 1986, an amazing 81 percent of all Isuzu commercial vehicles ever sold in North America are still registered today.

Performance. Practicality. Dependability. Durability. Whether you are a small business operator with a single vehicle or you manage an entire fleet, you need a truck that will do more, while costing less to operate. At Vickar Isuzu, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, that's the only kind of truck we sell.

Our Isuzu diesel engines are legendary for their power, economy and long life. Our frames accommodate a wide range of body applications. Our low-cab-forward design provides remarkable manoeuvrability. Isuzu trucks are engineered to maximize driver productivity.

For more information about our extensive inventory of GMC medium-duty trucks for sale, come on down to Vickar Isuzu Trucks' showroom in Winnipegt Manitoba and drive away with a new or used truck today!